Loft Conversion

There are many different types of loft conversion, and we are pleased to say that we offer a wide variety of solutions for you to enjoy. No matter the shape or layout of your loft, if you are looking for an effective loft conversion, please get in touch.

Velux Rooflight Loft Conversion

This style of loft conversion doesn't require any extension to the roof or an added dormer, with the conversion usually only including rooflights. This is an affordable solution that is ideal for people who are looking to convert a small space or who do not need a dormer to continue. Given that dormers are not permitted in some conservation areas, where the only acceptable conversion is a roof light conversion, this is an acceptable choice for many people.

What you get from us in a Velux Rooflight Loft Conversion

When we provide you with a Velux Rooflight Loft Conversion, we will undertake or provide:

  • The construction drawings
  • All scaffolding work
  • All steel beams
  • Placing new supporting and bracing rafters
  • All flooring and stairs work
  • The installation of Velux windows
  • A fire door
  • Insulation and plasterboard work
  • All skirting and architrave work
  • The installation of electrics and smoke detectors
  • The installation of a radiator

For this line of work, we will do virtually everything bar decoration work and offering finished flooring.

Dormer Conversion

A similar style of loft conversion is a dormer conversion, which comes with a dormer window. There is more flexibility with this style of conversion and it can be utilised with a flat roof, a pitched roof and even a pitched roof which contains a gable. Anyone that is looking for a larger loft or has a hipped roof will find that a dormer conversion is an excellent choice. With this style of conversion, you receive plenty of headspace and it is a popular choice to become a master bedroom.

A flat roof dormer can have a big impact on the amount of space in your conversion. We appreciate that some people have had negative experiences with a flat roof conversion but we don't actually offer a flat roof conversion, our conversions have a fall and we utilise a unique three layer system for our flat roof projects. This provides you with a 10 year guarantee that it will not leak.

All of our conversion work is bespoke, tailored to the specifications of your property and your individual needs so to find the cost of a dormer conversion at your property, please get in touch and we'll provide you with a bespoke quote.

Mansard Conversion

This style of conversion, commonly found in rear type flats, is very popular in the heart of London and they are an option backed by many local councils and authorities. The dormer contains a front slop angle.

To find out the cost of a Mansard conversion, or any other conversion we offer, get in touch and we will be happy to conduct a free site survey, offering you sketch drawings and a written quotation.